Lorena Izquierdo




Lorena Izquierdo is a vocalist, performer and poet from Valencia, Spain. She has spent the past 8 years building her independent artistic career between Spain and Germany, mostly residing in Berlin with the mission to build bridges between the two countries’ musical cultures.Her main interests are the interconnections of sound/voice with performativity and the lyrical and philosophical aspects involved in it.
In her pieces she explores different concepts through the body, voice, poetic language, sound, space and time. Her approach is defined by the entanglement of artistic media and the unusual relationship she builds with everyday objects. Together they constitute an interrelated art she calls action poetry.
Izquierdo performs in myriads of formations either solo, in duos or as part of collectives. Using various artistic codes she cultivates the field of Intermedia and is active in the border zone of different art forms. Such a constellation she perceives as a space of dissidence and for transposing limits.
Izquierdo has a multi-layered educational background. She holds a bachelor degree in philosophy and history of art, is trained in Butoh dance and the grammar of movement. She also acquired both a master degree in philosophy of art from the University of Barcelona and a master degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in artistic practices specializing in performance art.
As for the voice, he is interested in the peculiar and genuine, in what emerges from collective improvisation, from intuition and the search for limits, from the impossible and also from composition and reflection. His performative musical art is immersed in paradoxes: he uses exaggeration and interacts with formal limits, but also employs the concepts of containment and the invisible. His search for sound is based on a sculptural, plastic and gestural point of view that is defined both by vocal materiality and by the unique and unrepeatable experience of performance.
She is a very active member of Berlin’s sound art community. For almost a decade Izquierdo curates and performs in a large number of events. Her approach values curatorial independence and fuses it with the utmost artistic quality. In her role as a curator she brings together emerging artists with well-known figures, connects styles, age groups and nationalities. Her formats are strongly related to intermedia situations and dedicated to the visibility of Berlin’s most experimental music. At least once a month one of her shows takes place as part of different event series such as Reflexionen, Dissidents, Positionen or the Revueltas series.





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